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I offer bespoke Energy Medicine and Astrology Sessions based on an intuitive and collaborative conversation about where you are at and where you want to be.

The work we do is aimed at clearing the layers of history and unconscious programs to reach the soul, the heart of who you are, because that soul is a creation of boundless potential.

I’m currently in Melbourne, Australia where you can see me in person, but also offer virtual online sessions for my clients around the world.

this is for your if:

  • Your ready to gently meet yourself and overcome your limitations
  • You want to explore your potential, and align to the magic of your purpose
  • You’re ready to awaken to your divine spark, and share your light with the world
  • You want to live from the heart
  • You’re ready for life to feel expansive and wondrous again
  • You’re looking to break free of unhealthy pattens, fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs around what you deserve and what is possible for you

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Currently based in:

Melbourne, Australia


Seeing clients virtually in: 

Melbourne, NYC, LA and beyond