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Your Cosmic Soup Session is based on your Astrological blueprint for which we need your exact time, place and date of birth. 

This information tells us where the planets were, and how they were talking to each other the moment you took your first breath. 

This magical moment weaves a story of your gifts, strengths, challenges, and the soul lessons you may encounter as you grow. 

It also shows us the unique blend of ingredients that make up your personality, dispositions, emotional signature, and some of the belief patterns that shape your reality.




By looking through the lens of Astrology we can begin to uncover cycles, windows of opportunity, stress points, and potentials that your soul journey will present. And we can identify mental blocks or limiting thoughts that may be holding you back from living these potentials.

Empowering you with this knowledge and wisdom will help you begin to work within the cosmic flow, confirm your progress, and help you make decisions that can shift the trajectory of your life.

This is a co-creative process, together we discuss qualities and characteristics of your chart. So please come prepared with questions and ready to take some notes!

I intuitively draw upon Astrology, ThetaHealing®, Visualisation and other Hypnotherapy resources to support your journey and open your mind to a new way of perceiving your experience.

If you’re ready to gain some deeper self understanding, get familiar with your cycles, and approach challenges with awareness, this is the session for you.

Exchange $249 | Duration: 1.5 hours per session 

Coaching packages are available, these are crafted in our first session based on your unique needs and what you wish to achieve. 

Virtual sessions are held on Zoom video chat

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