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Your Soul Dance Session is an intuitive blend of energy medicine techniques intentionally weaved together to guide you back to a natural state of harmony, joy and ease. 

Together we explore your intentions, hopes, dreams and how you want to feel in your day to day. 

We then clear your mental, emotional, and energetic palette with sound and energy medicine so you can be in deeper resonance with your intentions, feel lighter, clearer and more in tune with your essence. 


We empower your intentions by using visualisation resources to put you on a clear path toward your soul dance; a state of being that expresses joy, peace, intuition, optimism, courage, and trust. 

We look at blocks in your current experience whether it be from this lifetime, past lives, or your ancestral lineage. And work on completing whatever lesson, pattern, cycle or experience may be at the source.

I intuitively draw upon resources such as Sound Healing, Reiki, Visualisation & Hypnosis techniques, ThetaHealing®, Past Life Regression, and the Akashic Records to support the outcome you want to reach.

This is a co-creative experience designed to empower you with knowledge, wisdom and tools that you can lean into beyond our time together.

Exchange $199 | Duration: 1.5 hours per session

Coaching packages are available, these are crafted in our first session based on your unique needs and what you wish to achieve. 

Virtual sessions held via Zoom video chat

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