Explore the 12 Astrological Archetypes alive in you.

Awaken their higher qualities as you regress through lifetimes, or release the lower expressions of the archetypes so you may be free to express your fullest potential. 

In this Bundle you unlock access to:

  • 12 45min Guided Visualisations – one for each of the Zodiac Signs.
  • Each Guided Visualisation has a uniquely crafted soundscape that powerfully activates the frequencies and energies of the elements, planets, and archetypes that.
  • 12 video explanations of each of the Archetypes and how to work with them
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By peering through the lens of Astrology we can uncover cycles, windows of opportunity, stress points, and potentials that your soul journey will present.

Empowering you with this knowledge & wisdom will help you:
Begin to work within the cosmic flow
Validate your journey 
Understand your life’s patterns
Make decisions that can shift the trajectory of your life.
** For this session we need your
EXACT time, place and date of brith! **

RESOURCES: This is an Astrological Chart Reading in which we can explore various areas of your life such as relationship, career, soul growth, and future windows of opportunity.