Forgiveness: A Journey of Untethering

Forgiveness is a powerful virtue to embody!

When mastered it helps us untether from the past creating freedom and space in the psyche, mind and heart, which ultimately allows us to redirect that vital life force energy toward our dreams and aspirations.

As we clear unforgiveness from our system we release toxic energies such as resentment, regret, rejection, betrayal and hatred. Energies which when harboured can cause dis-ease in the body. 

This meditation incorporates powerful hypnosis techniques to help us forgive and release grievances from a deep unconscious level.

The meditation is also infused with the frequencies of compassion, fearlessness, and enlightenment. As we entrain to these elevated frequencies we can more easily rise above the past and untether from old stories, wounds, struggles, memories and unhealed pain. 

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By peering through the lens of Astrology we can uncover cycles, windows of opportunity, stress points, and potentials that your soul journey will present.

Empowering you with this knowledge & wisdom will help you:
Begin to work within the cosmic flow
Validate your journey 
Understand your life’s patterns
Make decisions that can shift the trajectory of your life.
** For this session we need your
EXACT time, place and date of brith! **

RESOURCES: This is an Astrological Chart Reading in which we can explore various areas of your life such as relationship, career, soul growth, and future windows of opportunity.