Your Soul Dance Session is an intuitive blend of energy medicine techniques intentionally weaved together to guide you back to a natural state of harmony, joy and ease. 

Together we explore your intentions, hopes, and how you want to feel in your day to day. 

We clear your mental, emotional, and energetic palette with sound and energy medicine to get you into a deeper resonance with yourself; so you may feel lighter, clearer and more in tune with your essence. 

And from this place of inner harmony explore your vast potential


We empower your intentions by using visualisation resources to put you on a clear path toward your soul dance; a state of being that expresses joy, peace, intuition, optimism, courage, and trust. 

We look at blocks in your current experience whether it be from this lifetime, past lives, or your ancestral lineage. And work on completing whatever lesson, pattern, cycle or experience may be at the source. 

I intuitively draw upon Sound Healing, Reiki, Visualisation & Hypnosis techniques, and may  ThetaHealing®, Past Life Regression, and the Akashic Records to support the outcome you want to create.

This is a co-creative experience designed to empower you with knowledge, wisdom and tools that you can lean into, beyond our time together

Before coming to the session, consider some areas in your life you would like to work on together.


Exchange $200 | Duration: 1.5 hours per session

Virtual Sessions are held on

In-Person sessions are held at

White Owl Well-Being. 

114 Morris Road, Upwey, VIC, Au, 3158.




“A life changing experience! Dorothea was incredible, and I felt utterly refreshed after my session, so I sincerely recommend it! Perfect choice if you’re looking to tune in with your inner self. I left rebalanced and ready to take over the world.”

Elle Dee, DJ, New York City, NY.

“One of the best session I have ever had for this type of healing. I could not believe the transformation that began after my first few sessions. It was amazing how she just “knew” how to heal on every level, mentally, emotionally, physically, and from the core of your soul. I don’t normally practice recovery and well being in this form, but she has opened me up to a new way of life. I cannot thank her enough.”

Sally Bunnell, Music Video Producer, New York, NY.


She stopped caring, and in that moment she felt a kind of freedom she’d never known before. 

She used to be heavy, burdened with all the things prescribed by culture; be smart, be skinny, be better than everyone, be the best dressed, be cute, be charming, be rich, be cool, be coveted, be competitive, don’t be seen trying too hard, don’t stand out. If you’re lacking in one of these qualities, over compensate in another.

This was her inner dialogue, though she rarely heard it. It was faint, drowned into the background of white noise… but like a refrigerator, it was always on. 

Sometimes she became aware of it, on those sleepless nights filled with panic it rang like a barrage of voices mocking her.… and though it droned below the surface this noise powerfully shaped her world.  

A world confined to the beliefs and constructs of her people, people she didn’t quite understand, or care to know. Yet she continued to strive to be one of them. She felt compelled to belong.

Does this sound familiar? 

A reckless abandonment of the constructs and beliefs that held her mind captive allowed her the pleasure of tasting the authenticity of being; absolutely no-body-else but the wild woman who wanted to live by the sound of her own song.

Slowly, she released the stories, 
Slowly, she got out of her way,
Slowly, she became familiar with her inner voice. 

Self-awareness is your birthright, and the sweetness that soothes the spirit along its journey home. 

Self-actualisation is the doorway to freedom, and the meeting of your soul. 

If you’re feeling ready to draw a little nearer to your self, then this is the session for you.

I’m totally ready to book a session.


“I was drawn to Dorothea’s gentle nature and have had theta healing, access bar sessions and soon I am starting reiki sessions with her. I was not sure where or how to begin my spiritual journey but with Dorothea’s guidance I have left every session feeling lighter and positive looking forward to our next session. I would highly recommend Dorothea especially for those whom are new to spiritual healing, her advice is always helpful and her technique is amazing.”

Vicki Freegard, Melbourne, AU 



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