Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Be present, live your truth (8 November 2022)

This new moon is full of that goodness of mother medicine. Divine mother medicine, that is, one that comes from a pure place of unconditional love, support, care, compassion and feelings of deep security.
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Taurus is an earth sign, concerned with our embodiment and physical existence. 

Full moons illuminate. 

They end a cycle. 

Lunar Eclipses close out entire chapters. 

This Lunar eclipse happens to be eclipsing Uranus – creating a rare double eclipse.

The Earth’s shadow eclipses the Moon (our feelings, needs and memories), as the moon eclipses Uranus (our need for freedom, change and evolution). 

Listening, to this domino effect and how it is unfolding. 

Taurus Double Eclipse: 

Taurus is the garden of delight (our abundant earthly home), and our relationship to it.

It represents our five senses and how we understand and experience life through them. 

As we experience life, we come to realise what we value –  which generally revolves around the things that feel good and bring us joy, pleasure, comfort, stability and satisfaction. 

A full moon in this sign illuminates what we need to do to simplify our existence, so that we can return to enjoying it.

Return to taking pleasure in the simple moments. 

Does that ring true for you right now? 

The moon is a reflector, and in Taurus it is reflecting the sentiments of this sign, but it is also reflecting the light of the Sun which is now shining in Scorpio.

Scorpio represents our truth, power, and the potential to transform our circumstances. 

Venus, Mercury and the South Node are also in Scorpio within the glow of the Sun, influencing how we think about, feel about, and love our truth.

These planets also have us wondering about what kind of relationships we want to cultivate to honour what is true and meaningful to us. They have us reaching for those who support our personal empowerment, and releasing limiting experiences and beliefs and that hold us back from tasting true freedom – so that we can invite in more pleasure, and step further along our path of truth. 

Uranus, the freedom loving rebel who is deeply concerned with enlightenment and consciousness evolution will be in the shadow of the moon, as the moon disappears into the shadow of the earth.

This phenomenon is offering us an opportunity to reset.

It is helping us eclipse out what doesn’t serve, so we can break free of the past and the perceived limitations that hold us captive. 

It is said, in occult teachings, that Uranus helped usher in Christ Consciousness, but that it is also capable of ushering in its shadow – the anti Christ Consciousness. Unity vs separation. Love vs chaos. Perhaps qualities along the same spectrum?

So although Uranus brings enlightenment, it can also bring shocking news and unexpected events. In Taurus it can bring earth quakes and erratic weather patterns. As the ruling planet of technology, mass media and science, it can bring some unexpected meltdowns, glitches, and unsettling information.

We may also see innovative breakthroughs, and radical transformations.

We may witness leaps in consciousness, and an acceleration toward our own personal enlightenment.  

With Uranus involved, leave room for the unexpected, and know that no matter which way we tilt it will lead to an eventual breakthrough. 

Be present, think deep.

An epiphany can come like a bolt of lightning and send you down a completely different road – on that feels more in alignment with your soul. One that helps your earth family to also evolve.

At this Eclipse: 

Take some time to listen to the stirrings of the moon and planets.

Take some time to feel into a truth that wants to surface from within you. 

Take some time to be in your body and remember what brings it, and your life pleasure.

Commit to following the beat of your own heart. Following your path of truth.

Be the visionary. 

Be a revolutionary.

Let this eclipse inspire you. 

With love and light,


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