Taurus Full Moon, Releasing into Joy and Earthly Pleasures, Nov 1st, 2020

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This Taurus Full Moon will grace the sky hand in hand with Uranus the planet of spontaneity, rebellion and enlightenment bringing sentiments of love, beauty, and joy from surprising places. Swirling around this full moon there also exist thoughts of prosperity, of the earth and our earthly pleasures, of the sensual things that we have embodied, here, to experience, as well as a desire for the kind of balance and harmony that creates a stable and abundant world. 

Taurus is the garden of delight, it rules over our experience of ourselves and our environment through the sense world of touch, taste, sound, smell and site. It is in Taurus that we learn about what we value and appreciate within ourselves, and what possessions we need to keep us feeling safe, secure and stable so that we can continue to evolve creatively in the constant dance with, and exploration of the physical.

As full moons do, this Taurus Moon will be illuminating and culminating cycles within our psyche that play out in our physical world. Taurus themes to explore will relate to beliefs, behaviours and patterns that we have stubbornly held onto, which no longer serve us, and can in fact be detrimental to our evolution. Especially those relating to values, security, stability, and prosperity. This includes our money matters, our self worth, and the value we place on our environment.

Endings are doorway to beginnings, and with Uranus, the mad rebel genius of the Zodiac traveling side by side with the moon we may see some shocking, abrupt and unexpected endings to systems and structures in our lives, communities, and governments that have kept us from evolving. Particularly those related to these very Taurean themes.

This full moon also falls on Halloween, in scorpio season, a season that is celebrated because of its heightened spiritual charge. The veil between this would and the spirit realms become thinner when the sun is in Scorpio, allowing us to see and experience things of spirit with more clarity. Scorpio represents other peoples values, and how we share our resources with them, it inspires deep investigations into our shared values, psyche and selves, because it wants to know ultimate truth, and cause death, so that transformation can occur. 

Taurus on the other hand want to hold onto what it knows, and feel secure in the familiar, it is very much about the physical aspect of experience. But with Uranus active in the sky there is no escaping change, forward thinking ideas and innovation. And with the sun in scorpio we will be digging into the truth of how to move forward in ways that are sustainable, empowering, and forward thinking. 

Venus the ruler of Taurus and Libra is also active in the skies at this full moon. She is the bringer of love, joy, pleasure, relationships, sensuality, and custodian of the arts. Venus, along with Mercury are in the sign of Libra which rules over partnerships, balance, harmony and beauty (balance and harmony are also reflected in justice and equality). So our thoughts will be on these matters, and these very matters may manifest like a flash (Uranus) or disappear in the same way (full moon) as the Taurus moon works its magic.

A potent time in the skies, this moon is ripe with potential.

And it’s totally up to us how we respond. 

To create a sense of inner security buy yourself some flowers, spend time in the garden appreciating beauty, indulging your senses, listening to music, eat food that is ripe with flavour and made with love. This is where the moon is at. Make art, get creative and you’ll feel into the pleasures that make you feel safe, so that change doesn’t feel as disruptive. 

Consider what you want to let go of. Especially in the Taurean plain of values, possessions, prosperity beliefs that don’t serve, and emotions that keep you from joy, love and appreciation of beauty. 

Give your limitations to the earth for her to transform. Make room for love. 

So much love

Dorothea x

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