Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse; Align, Manifest, Flow (30 April / 1 May)

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A Solar eclipse is a new moon magnified, meaning that the intentions we set and the  seeds we plant at this time are potent, tenfold. Eclipses come in pairs (sometimes 3’s) every six months and when they do they get us back on course with our soul’s purpose, our heart’s desire, and our evolutionary growth cycle. They do this by closing doors to experiences that are slowing our growth, and opening doors to opportunities that support our potential. This makes eclipse season feel fated, intense with shifts and changes, and beyond our control.

But, when we let go, and let the greater presence within us take hold, synchronicities and unimaginable possibilities become possible.

This particular eclipse will take place in Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac which represents the earth (our mother and garden of delight) from whom we were birthed, and to whom we belong. Taurus also represents our physical embodiment and the pleasure of exploring our sensory experience here on earth, in interaction with her and in our interconnected relationship to all that is born of her.

From this garden of delight, or mother and home, we learn about:

  • Our creative potential, because we see her constant creative force.
  • Growth and abundance, because we experience her ever thriving nature.
  • Rhythm and flow, because her seasons, ever changing, follow a pattern that influences all
  • Receiving and giving, because she is a generous provider when left to her own
  • Relationship, because we see the symbiotic and interdependent nature of her plant and animal kingdoms
  • Value, because each one of us that shares this earth has a valuable, co-creative role


From her we also learn to appreciate the beauty of life, and the pleasure of experiencing the sounds, colours, scents, tastes, and textures that our environment provides.

By allowing ourselves to immerse in them we learn to be present, and to enjoy the simple things that are beyond material value. And when present we can witness, observe, experience the mystery of the universe at work in the everyday.


With this all this in mind, what themes do you see coming alive for you at this eclipse time?

Do you feel the pull to nature?

Do you feel the need to slow down and enjoy life?

Do you feel the need to call in abundance, to thrive?

Do you feel the need to share your heart, the wellspring of your own creative force?

Do you feel the need to raise your value?

The desire to get into rhythm and integrity with the earth?

To honour your own body, take pleasure in the magic of being human?


The potency of change…

 Not only is this Solar eclipse aligning us with new opportunities and change, but we also have Uranus, the great awakener, the planet of rebellion, flashes of genius, innovation, enlightenment, humanitarianism and individuality in conjunction to the eclipse.

With Uranus active in the sky we can expect surprises, and opportunities that seem to come completely out of the blue.

Pluto, our planet of death, rebirth and transformation goes retrograde on the eclipse. It does so at 28 degrees of Capricorn. Planets in retrograde are closer to the earth, and therefore more powerful in their influence, when at the final degrees of a sign, this is even more so.

Pluto may be bringing up things from the deep, from our shadows, within the theme of power, hierarchy, control, responsibility, integrity, self-mastery – so we can break free, integrate, accept, take responsibility, or create new traditions that are not trapped in dated systems that no longer serve.  

Venus the ruler of Taurus, our planet of love, exchange, abundance, beauty, pleasure, sensuality, and patroness of the arts will be active at the eclipse. She is in Pisces, her favourite place in the zodiac, talking to Jupiter and Neptune in the lead up to the eclipse.

Neptune represents unconditional love, the mystical waters of creation, our connection to source and divine inspiration. While Jupiter is the great expander, brining healing, optimism, joy and opportunity where ever he goes.

These are very fortunate meetings that will help open our hearts, so we may live from the heart, create from the heart, and remember the things that are of true value to us.

Mercury has just entered shadow, in Taurus, helping us connect our minds to the sentiments spoken about, and communicate in a matter of fact way, about what we need and want to create moving forward.


Manifesting with the eclipse…

 As mentioned, New Moon Solar Eclipses are powerful times of change and course correction. They offer potent soil to plant seeds of intention.

However, if those intentions are not in alignment with your heart and soul, they may not come to pass, or may have many roadblocks.

At this eclipse take time to slow down, and listen. The messages will be louder.

Make time to connect with nature, to observe her flow and get into the rhythm of receiving. Remember with her abundance, and creative force, remember you belong here.  

Make the mental effort to release expectation and open to new possibilities.

Indulge your senses and do the things that bring you pleasure.

When you are in an open, activated, and joyful state, you can come into greater resonance with your boundless potential.  

Follow your heart, it speaks in whispers, but if you trust its guidance it will lead you to a place beyond what your mind could imagine possible for you.

With love and light,



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