Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse Sonic Immersion & Guided Meditation (30 April / 1 May 2022)

About the Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse:

Eclipses come in pairs (sometimes 3’s) every six months and bring change in the form of realignment, like a shake down to get back on course with your soul, purpose, and heart’s desire.

A Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse brings us back to our embodiment, our senses, our connection to the earth and the pleasure of being here. It reminds us to slow down, honor the present moment, honor the earth, and re-connect to what we value, embodying those values.

Venus, the ruler of this eclipse is very active at this time. She is speaking to Neptune and Jupiter from Pisces, expanding and deepening our love, abundance, creativity, connection to the earth, to our lived experience, to the mystical source of creation, and to others.


Much love,


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