Textile design by Sue Gibbins
Textile design by Sue Gibbins

This Taurus New Moon has a mystical energy to it, an energy that has the potential to marry spirit to body through the art of dreaming, imagining, believing, and simplifying. Neptune, in friendly conversation with the Sun and Moon is the one tugging us toward that place of magic and inspiration, while Pluto is helping us empower ourselves with the understanding of our authentic path and how to walk it.

Taurus brings us into the present and practical, reminding us to simplify our ambitions and so we can create space for our dreams. 

The Sun, Moon, Uranus and Black Moon Lilith are all in Taurus emphasising these sentiments, but also asking us to find peace in nature, joy in our daily rituals, beauty in ourselves, inspiration in our surroundings, and abundance in our mindset. With the rebellious Uranus and Black Moon Lilith sharing the stage we are asked to let go of anything that is not our personal truth and desire, and from that place of freedom embrace our true value.

Taurus also grounds us deep into our earth body, connecting us to our earthly experience through our hands, our ears, our eyes, our nose, our mouth… our skin. All the sensory information that enters our being through these channels inform us of our reality. We, in turn, influence that external experience by choosing what we surround ourselves with; our possessions, our home, the environment we live in, our jobs, the way we spend our time, our money, the way we treat our body, the food we feed it, the cloths we adorn it with, the fragrances we pour onto it, the sounds we allow to impress upon it.

Are you in sync with your divinity? How can you make more room in your present, in the small and simple moments for your spirit to express itself through your physical form?

Our physical experience was designed to be one of beauty, and beauty is healing for the soul. We seem to forget that we are not just a body, but rather a spirit having a physical experience through the vehicle this form, and at this New Moon we have an opportunity to understand that deeper, and integrate it more fully into our visceral understanding of the vastness of our being.

This New Moon also offers us the opportunity to be truly honest with ourselves about which dreams are the dreams of our soul, which dreams are the dreams of our ancestors, which dreams are the dreams of our society, parents, culture, teachers… Which dreams are based on us comparing ourselves to others and moulding into something we are not to achieve something we are wanting to become.

These questions may be worth pondering, these dreams may be worth stripping away so that there is more space for your truth and the unique, focused and inspired expression of your soul!

Give yourself space to dream, play in the make belief, indulge in the sensual pleasures that stimulate your body.

Observe and investigate where those dreams come from.

Use the Pluto energy of inquiry, transformation and empowerment to help you meet your soul and know yourself truly.

From this place you can plant the most potent seeds, the ones that will help you come to an inner peace, joy and sense of contentment, because you’re in alignment with your vastness.

By getting into nature, immersing in beauty, indulging our senses at this lunation we can have a spiritual experience of ourselves that helps us birth a new spirit infused vision of our future.

There is a lot of mental energy active at this new moon, Mercury in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius come into an exact conjunction the day after the full moon, activating our curiosity and bringing in fresh new ideas and ways of looking at things. Our throat chakra is alive with the desire to talk and share new visions. Jupiter is at the last degree of Aquarius expanding our thoughts beyond the limitations of our immediate paradigms.

Offer yourself the opportunity to be open to what may come through, and allow your New Moon intentions to be guided by intuition, rather than mind and memory.

Mars in Cancer will be trine Uranus and square Chiron, offering healing in our emotional body and an opportunity to act on our dreams from a place of care and courage.

All this air and mental energy could create some nervous tension, come back to nature, back to beauty, back to the simple joys. Back to music, good food, alluring fragrances and the touch of loved ones. The feeling of love in your hands can warm the heart in magical wasy.

What new found inspiration and epiphanies will come for you at this New Moon? They could guide you’re toward a spiritual experience of your physical embodiment. A dream becoming a reality.


We are already in the energy of eclipse season, so life may feel like its speeding up, and like changes are happening fast (because we need more of that ;)). The first eclipse will be a lunar one, representing the closing of chapters. Notice what doors become harder to open and go in the direction of the ones that offer most ease and grace.

Mercury goes into shadow by end of week, it will be retrograde from May 31st in its own sign of Gemini, which rules communication, so be extra mindful of how you communicate as it is extra wonky, especially through the medium of technology.

Jupiter goes into Pisces May 13 to July 29 giving us a taste of the energy of 2022. This placement for Jupiter can take us into a very dreamy place, a deeper connection to our intuition and the divine, expand our understanding of unconditional love, god, source, unity…. But it can also create confusion and emotional overwhelm. If you are a musician or artist this placement is super creative and inspired.

Saturn will go retrograde May 23rd, bringing up a lot of reflection around work, responsibility, duty, and issues around some of our long-term goals.  It may also highlight issues with hierarches and control from the top down (ie: government, family structure, workplace). But it will also teaching us about patience, and if there have been delays in one of these areas the energy will shift. We can also use this energy to make lasting commitments and gain personal mastery in an area of study or personal development.


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