The 2020 Great Pause. A Reflection on Beliefs & State of Mind.

Garden of Eden, Maui, Hawai'i by Dorothea Lucaci

Now that 2020 is approaching its finale we can take a moment to look back and reflect. From this vantage point we can see in retrospect with the wisdom we may have lacked in a triggered moment. ⁠⠀
What do you see when you reflect back? What understanding do you take from it? ⁠Personally and collectively.⁠⠀
It’s been a wild ride, surely. But it’s also been a great pause. An epic moment of choice. A glitch in time in which we can slip, collectively and individually, into a better future.⁠⠀
Did you take the opportunity in this great pause to stop, to listen, hear, see, feel, understand yourself and your world? ⁠⠀
To take inventory of where you are, where you’ve come from and where you were heading before the moment it all came undone?⁠⠀
Did you get lost in negativity, stress, anxiety, the conspiracies, the corruption, did you only see the darkness? Forget to see the light?⁠⠀
No shame ⁠⠀
No judgement⁠⠀
Just love⁠⠀
And awareness⁠⠀
Notice ⁠⠀
Did you make time for gratitude, joy, self care, appreciation, acceptance, self awareness, personal growth, laughter? ⁠⠀
With Mars and Mercury retrograde right now we’re drawn to face our truth, with kindness and forgiveness, to look at how we think and what drives us.⁠⠀
And decide how we move forward, will it be with faith, optimism, possibility, resolve, love and compassion? This is not about spiritual bypass, but rather taking responsibility and action from a place of empowerment. ⁠⠀
Into a future we are writing together.⁠⠀
Beliefs create our worlds. Our state of mind generates our reality and we always get more of what we put out. ⁠⠀
It’s not an easy task to reflect, it take so much compassion, forgiveness and love to see ourselves. But we are all in it together⁠.⁠⠀
I have so many feels about how I’ve reacted, who I’ve been and what I’ve created. And all of that is alright. ⁠⠀
We have the power to change, unite, evolve, forgive, support, love and help each other into 2021, with the wisdom of hindsight.⁠⠀
What are your reflections on 2020?

What vision do you have for the future? individually and collectively.⁠⠀

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