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This Leo full moon is big and bright, beaming with an electric kind of light. It is the light of a new dawn and it is filled with hope and innovation. The moon will be extra bright because the Sun and Jupiter, the biggest planet in our solar system, are standing side by side on the opposite side of the sky to the moon illuminating her with their light.

The Sun and Jupiter meet once a year and when they do they bring gifts to the mortal realm, making it the luckiest day of the year. This year they meet on the full moon offering the potential to expand and broaden our vision, re-energizing our optimism, inspire a new found freedom, leap into reinvention, and deepen our belief in our human potential in a way that creates lasting change. What we think we create, especially on this day, so keep your feelings, thoughts and intentions positive!


There are five planets in Aquarius at this full moon making this electrifying energy of freedom and change all the more intense. Aquarius is symbolized by the water bearer and the waves of consciousness from which we draw knowing, information and future driven visions into mind, and then down into the earth plane to be manifested. It concerns itself with collective evolution but it champions individual freedoms, encouraging us to step outside the norm and embrace our most authentic selves, no matter how bazaar.

The moon in Leo, the sign that rules the heart space, will ignite our internal world of emotions and feelings and awaken our Lion Heart. Leo, the king of the jungle, reflects in the desire to express ourselves, to shine our light, to courageously share our unique gifts and talents, to get creative, and to experience the playfulness and fun of our childlike state.

With the sun in Aquarius and moon in Leo it’s a recipe for reinvention, for sharing our most eccentric selves, for releasing – in a big way – into is a new version of who we want to show up as in the world, and for living from the heart. Chiron the healer of the zodiac will be supporting the moon as we let go of the layers of our identity that are ready to be set free.

Its not all fun and games though, there is a T square forming in the sky between Uranus + Mars to the Sun and Moon that could cause conflicts and rapid firing of emotions. Be aware of nervous energy in the air and take a breath before launching.

Squares cause tensions, but its these very tensions that inspire change. The planets squaring off are all in fixed signs, which implies that these changes can be lasting.

Venus will be dancing with Pluto, inspiring radical honesty and deepening of love in our relationships. When together they can feel like powerful or fated pulls toward a romantic other, they can also bring our awareness to where there is manipulation or an imbalance of power.

Mercury will turn retrograde on the 30/31st in Aquarius, during this time we may reconnect to old friends, communities, ideas, or rethink the kind of tribes our hearts want to thrive in.

Life is a choose your own adventure story, though the sky’s activate and awaken these energies in our psyche, it’s up to us which endings we choose.  Each one takes us to a new chapter of our own making. May your adventures be filled with joy, playfulness, expansion and freedom.

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