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‘May the long time sun shine upon you,⁠⁠ All love surround you,⁠⁠ And the pure light within you⁠⁠, Guide you all the way on.⁠⁠’
Lyrics from ‘Very Cellular Song’ By The Incredible String Band⁠⁠

These lyrics were written four decades ago by Mike Heron and soon adopted, seemingly coincidentally, as a closing prayer to their practice by the Kundalini Yoga community, it was also adopted as an anthem by the Aquarius Festival, held in Nimbin, Australia.⁠⁠
The writer didn’t have these intentions for his song, but perhaps a grater spirit that moved though him did, that’s the power of music, art and the inspired word. ⁠

Sometimes the spirit of what is trying to be expressed just needs a willing and empty vessel to transmit its message.⁠

May the power of song and music shine upon you and support you as you continue creating golden memories, expressing your heart, and surrendering to the great spirit for inspiration.

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