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“The winds of change are blowing all the time, we just have to raise the sail” ~Ramakrishna

Last night was windy over here, sleepless, but enchanting. This morning was a whirl of sunshine, hail, heavy clouds, then stillness. It all felt so symbolic of the times we are in, of the cosmic currents weaving another chapter into our history, opening another window of possibility.

Where will these winds of change guide you?

Will you raise the sails and follow?

We’ve entered into another astrological window of opportunity, a time in which we can choose a completely different path to travel on. It opened with the Aquarius full moon July 24, and closes with another full moon in Aquarius August 22. And what these Aquarian winds are bring us is an electrifying time of change, movement, rebellion, freedom, leaps of consciousness, creativity and connection.

They are awakening our visionary spirit and the deep desire to live our truth and find like minded communities to share it with…

We can use this electrifying energy to draw our ideal future closer by allowing ourselves to dream it, see it, feel it, and then pluck it out of the ether and live it. To rise above the reality we’re currently experiencing, detach from the emotions of it, the mentality that created it, and instead follow the way of the heart.

You see, between these full moons we will have a new moon in Leo, which rules the heart and our desire to live from it.

If you were to create from love, to share your gifts, to allow yourself to shine and be appreciated for your magic, what would your life look like?

Today, Jupiter also retrogrades into Aquarius, offering us its benevolent support to follow any visionary ideas that swept us up and enchanted us between December solstice and mid May this year. We will have Jupiter helping us shepherd our Aquarian dreams into reality until the end of this year.

That’s not to say life will be without challenges, but rather to acknowledge that from chaos harmony is born. And from within your center you can choose your own adventure.

What is your heart wanting to create at this time? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to know!

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