Venus in Aquarius + February Heart Medicine

Cacao is the food of the gods, in ancient cultures it was thought more precious then gold because of its powerful healing, soothing and activating properties.⁠⁠
The ancients well knew that it releases bliss chemicals that activate the happy hormones which expand the heart, increase mental clarity, and amplify creative energy.⁠⁠
For these reasons and more it’s been used by Mayan and other cultures in ceremonies, gatherings were tribal matters were discussed, and celebrations so that they were entered into with love and heart based communication.⁠⁠
Here we are with Venus, the ruler of the heart and matters of love in Aquarius, the sign of unity and community. This month she also meets Jupiter for the most romantic day of the year making February a month of love. ⁠⁠

A month where we may become more inclined to embrace our neighbor and our inner hippy, and gather with strangers to create art, music, and equality for the human family. ⁠⁠
There are four other planets in this highly cerebral sign, and a new moon in Aquarius making it more then just a month of drunken love, but also an initiation into a new way of being, with others. ⁠⁠
Aquarius rules the nervous system, so although we are more likely to hug a stranger and join a commune, a lot of us may also be feeling frayed, anxious, and overwhelmed by the electric currents running through our system.⁠⁠
On top of that Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius, bringing us to a slowdown, and remembering of matters of the past, which can bring on nostalgia, but also difficult feelings.⁠⁠
I’m already feeling all the feels, and we’re just at the beginning!!! ⁠⁠
Thank the Goddess for all the healing remedies she bestows upon us. ⁠⁠
Cacao is my Feb daily practice, and has already dialed down the stress, and ⬆️ the magic.⁠⁠
Recipe: ⁠⁠

☕️Ceremonial Grade Cacao – packed with magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, and antioxidants.

☕️Copaiba drops- calming and grounding effect⁠⁠

☕️Damiana – reduce anxiety and depression, improve sleep and libido⁠⁠

☕️Maple Syrup – sweetening⁠⁠

☕️Coconut milk – smoothness.⁠⁠

☕️ huge dollop of INTENTION
Much love ♥️💙💜💛


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