Venus Turns Retrograde in Capricorn (19 Dec 2021)


In Shadow 17/18 Nov

Stations Retrograde 18/19 Dec

Station Direct Jan 29/30

Out of Shadow March 2/3



Venus Turns Retrograde in Capricorn


And as the planet of love, relationship, exchange, money, sensuality, beauty, pleasure, and art she will have us reflecting on these aspects of our lives to improve and enhance them.


In Capricorn Venus will have us thinking about

  • Getting clear about your value and what you value in relationships, inc. your own financial value
  • Cultivating more self-respect, and mutual respect in relationships
  • Reflecting on where you’ve taken on traditional roles that are not in alignment with your truth
  • Self-discipline and letting go of the need for instant gratification
  • Committing to the climb and hard work of success and mastery
  • Turning a passion into an income
  • Deep acceptance for where you are in your journey
  • Reality check about our relationships, so you can begin aligning with what you actually want.
  • Taking more control or release it (finances, relationship, creative pursuits)


When Venus goes retrograde she goes into the underworld, and there is a sense of duty and responsibility to resolve something.


There is also the desire to become successful in the Venusian areas of our lives, so you may find yourself looking at your artistic pursuits, creative projects, and money in a different way.


And committing to making money from the things that give you pleasure.



Things to Avoid during a Venus Retrograde

  • Big purchases (house, investments, new car)
  • Drastic changes to your look and wardrobe
  • Cosmetic enhancements
  • Renovations
  • Big relationship commitments (ie: marriage, especially if you met the person during the retrograde!)


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Article Published in Elephant Journal

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