Venus x Pluto: Soul on Fire, Burns for Love

When Venus meets Pluto in the sky feelings are intense, relationships feel fated, and deep soul healing begins to take place as we are guided into the depths of our psyche to explore our worth, pleasure and need for love
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Venus meets Pluto:

Dec 11/12

Dec 24/25

March 2/3


When Venus meets Pluto in the sky the soul feels like it has caught fire with desire, want, longing…

A deep passion and intensity comes over us as we are compelled to acknowledge, explore, heal and accept our worth, value, sensuality, pleasure, comfort, and relationship with money.

Because Venus is the planet of love and relationship these lessons can come through experiences with others that feel fated, like hearts colliding… to see each other, to be bare, to be vulnerable, to be messy and real so that the soul can feel its aliveness again, and live what it wants.

Pluto also represents our psyche, and as we explore the depths of love, the depths of our truth, we come to meet the depth of who we are. But as we do, we may also uncover emotional patterns, unhealthy relationship dynamics that we attract, our trust issues, addictive tendencies, fear of betrayal, obsession, and misguided ideas about our beauty.

Sitting in the discomfort of these questions and the intense feelings they can activate creates the opportunity of a rebirth

Questions to ask during this transit are:

What do you truly love?

Where does my heart want to be?

What is the root of my desire?

Do I feel worthy of it?  

With Venus being in Capricorn we may also come realize the limit of our power, or where we have succumb to traditional roles that don’t serve our deepest desires.


We also have the opportunity to commit to the hard work of honouring what we do want.

Ultimately, Venus reminds us to feel the pleasure, fun and joy of life. To love deeply and live within the ever inspiring experience of beauty, be intoxicated by it, and make love into art.

With love and light,


Article Published in Elephant Journal

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