Virgo full moon: Perfecting the dream (18 March 2022)

Virgo is the medicine woman of the zodiac, she swoops in after Leo season with her sharp mind and deep wisdom to bring in the harvest of dreams.
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Virgo is the medicine woman of the zodiac, she swoops in after Leo season with her sharp mind and deep wisdom to bring in the harvest of dreams. The creative play and self-expression that was generated by our lion hearts are now analysed, perfected, and logically organised in Virgo as part of our cycle of growth and evolution.

In this phase of our earthly experience we learn to embody what the mind creates and what the heart strings play, so that we can give form to our desires. And do so in a way that is practical, organised and accomplishable.

What was to extravagant, ego based, exaggerated, or unrealistic is purged, purified and transformed into humble gifts that can be mastered and used to serve others.

The Virgo archetype also gifts us with the wisdom of knowing how to form a deep connection to the natural rhythms of the earth, and to the healing properties of the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms. These gifts are given so that we can support our bodies, minds and hearts in creating an inner environment that is healthy and balance.

Because that’s the optimal environment within which our dreams can flourish.

At this Virgo Full Moon we have the Sun, Neptune, Jupiter and Mercury all gathered across the sky in Pisces, the sign of the mystic, the artist, the spiritual seeker, the oneness… The sign that represents the disillusion of self into the dancing streams of consciousness.

Their gathering in Pisces enhances our ability to clearly envision the dreams we’ve been wanting to bring to fruition, which under the influence of the Virgo moon’s critical eye, we may begin to see in a new and more realistic way. As the moon reaches fullness it will illuminate a path forward that is rooted in a solid plan born of wisdom, practicality, discernment, and a deep understanding of the rhythms and seasons of life.

This Virgo Full Moon will also shed light on limitations standing in the way of our growth, so that t we may let them go. Self-criticism, limiting beliefs, thoughts of unworthiness, physical or emotional pain, trauma, sickness or dis-ease that is stored in our bodies will be highlighted so that we may break free of cycles, begin to call in the resources that our bodies need for healing, and commit to a plan that will support our wellbeing.

With this concentration of planets in Pisces our dreams are vivid, our psychic centres are activated, our creativity is heightened, and our desire to create from love and a place of pure soul desire emerges from beyond the ego’s need for gratification.

To add to the magic, the Moon, Pluto and North Node of the Moon will form a grand trine at this full moon, this is a very fortunate aspect that will bring in support and opportunity. This grand trine takes place in the earth signs of Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus respectively, and its influence will help us build a solid future out of the wisdom that emerges at this from this Virgo Moon.

The grand trine energy will also help us to implement practical steps, and develop stable foundations and structures that support what we are hoping to manifest or let go.

Pluto will help us draw on our personal power to transform and transmute the emotions, beliefs and physical challenges that do not serve our illuminated path forward – so that we can walk in health, and give from a full cup. It will also give us a depth of focus and determination to help move us beyond obstacles and use the wisdom of our inner healer to implement change.

Mars and Venus are still in close proximity to each other, working together to inspire personal change in our relationships and the courage to take action to make necessary changes in our personal lives. They will be in square to Uranus activating that sense of freedom, independence and rebellion needed to break free of expectations, self-judgement, disbelief in our own potential, or self-criticisms that act as hurdles along our path.


Toward perfecting the dream…

Ultimately life is the dream. Our ancients called it Maya, the unreal.

Your body, this reality, the feelings you feel are all part of the dreaming. And as you work toward perfecting your reality – an act that is a process, not an end result – you walk yourself through your evolution, and work toward developing the necessary skills for self-mastery.

You cannot perfect your dream from a place of self-imposed limitations, self-judgement or criticism, those patterns and conditions only create more of the same.

This moon says it’s time to break free of your obstacles so that you can step into your power and live the reason you are here.

The energy of this moon is great for implementing the necessary changes, and letting go of unhealthy habits, because the medicine woman who lives within you is powerfully guiding you at this time. In fact, she offers the invitation.

What are you ready to transform?

What are you ready to let go of so that you can continue along your path of growth and personal development?

What do you need to help you begin embodying your dreams and live in a body that is healthy, balanced, happy and supportive?


You cannot explore life to the fullest if your mind, body and emotions are creating dis-ease.

You deserve your love and attention, and the more you fill your own cup with love, healthy patterns, habits, behaviours, thoughts, emotions and experiences the healthier your world becomes, and the more you can give from a healthy place.

The more you can give the more you open up to receive the same magic you put out into the world.

With love and light,


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