Why the moon? Seven reasons to work with the lunation cycle


1. Because it represents the physical body, and connects you to your own rhythm, physicality and flow

2. Because it represents your emotional states, your needs, and the ebb and flow of your vast array of emotions

3. Because emotions are energy in motion and learning to understand, integrate, and give space for your feelings puts you in flow state

4. Because the moons 28 day cycle puts us in touch with the feminine aspect of self and its power of creation, growth, destruction and regeneration

5. Because connecting to that creative feminine force, the one with the potential to create life every month, reminds you of your own creative power

6. Because water is expression, and expressing how you feel, how you be, what you desire is a necessary part of the human journey

7. Because it leads into the mysteries of the unknown, reminds you of your vast unconscious potential, awakens memories of your boundless being, and takes you into the mystical place of spirit and inspiration


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