welcome! i'm dorothea

Alternative Healing Artist, Astrologer, Musician

I am deeply fascinated by sound & energy medicine. By the subtle realms that affect the mundane.

I believe you can fully embodying your potential, follow your heart, and THRIVE doing the things that bring you joy, that in fact, it’s your birth right.

Sound Therapy, Astrology, Advanced Theta Healing, Reiki, and Access Bars are amongst the tools I use to create a life that makes the soul dance.

I offer 1:1 sessions, learning experiences, events, and a community space to support your growth and transformation; to guide you beyond limiting beliefs, patterns, and habits into a new reality…

Work with me to gain greater connection to self, spirit and cosmos.

Together, we can awaken our vast potential & carve a path toward being the dream.

I am mamma to Dreaming Moondance a home to my musical creations and sound vibration

client love…

come gather in community

Join us IN PERSON or live ONLINE

Sound Immersion & Guided Meditation, Past Life Regression, Reiki Certification, New & Full Moon Gatherings & more…





Join me in person or online for a sound immersion, meditation, past life regression or performance


Work with me to breaking free of the past, awaken your intuition, and step into your potential


Join me for a training or workshop to develop your intuition, live a life of service and grow


come gather, rest, commune here is a place to nourish, to celebrate and dance

A practice space for intuitive development, exploration of consciousness, connection to the the mystical aspects of self, and stepping into personal empowerment. 

We explore sound, astrology, meditation, voice and energy medicine to connect in and activate potential.  

my love,

What makes your heart sing? 

Do more of that.

That’s what life is about. Really.

It’s about living and breathing the pleasures that make your soul dance.

Become the dream locked inside.

You deserve it.

You deserve more than most people would let themselves believe.

Because, you are an emanation of the divine, and the divine wants the fullness of your experience.  

What is it that you desire? The thing you dare not speak? 

Say it. 

Find the community that will support it.

Release what resists it.

Become the full expression of your magic.

You won’t look back.

My bones know that, because that is part of my own unraveling.

dreaming moondance


home of the sound vibrations & musical creations of Dorothea Lucaci

client love…

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Never miss a new & full moon update

Get notified on articles, events, sound baths, guided meditations, new recording, and special offers coming up!